> ABOUT NextWebGames studios

      NextWebGames studios is an independent game studio based in Lviv, Ukraine.

Our main mission is to bring complex console-quality games to the web! Also we develop own game engine called NWEngine to bring the best experience to our games.

The studio was founded in the middle of 2015 and is feeling great right now with several own projects on the rails.

Right now we have three main projects in progress like 'Legend of the lost time' [early stage, demo will be available till the end of spring 2016], 'Wardestiny' [demo is scheduled till the end of summer 2016], 'DatTank' [release in middle 2016] and several other smaller projects.


We're creating art. When artists, programmers, designers and players pour their heart into something beautiful it becomes legendary.

We're shooting for the long-term. We'll build truly amazing things over the next decade. We don't burn people out, and we won't sacrifice our future business for short-term gains.

Everyone deserves empathy and respect. We give our employees the resources, information, and autonomy to accomplish great things, and their contributions are always recognized regardless of size. We treat everyone we meet with respect.

We'll be great because of these values not in spite of them. Our business depends on the love of everyone involved: Players, employees, partners, investors. Compromising our values will hurt our business, not help it.

Corporate office
NWG Lviv
Oleny Stepanivny 45
Ukraine, Lviv
Support: support@nwgstudios.com
Press: press@nwgstudios.com